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Rosie's Story

Rosie Herman was a manicurist by trade, a salon owner, and then a stay-at-home mom with the birth of her twin girls.   In need of extra spending money, Rosie combined her manicure expertise with her love of cooking and created a unique skincare “recipe” which catapulted her idea to international fame.   The One Minute Manicure® is a multi-million dollar success story and more importantly, simply a highly effective skin care treatment.  Rosie hopes her personal journey will inspire more women and show that taking a chance on a Mom can pay off.




“ I'm a manicurist-I met my husband when he came in for a manicure.  Six years ago, we had beautiful twin girls. After a few months at home caring for them. I noticed that the skin on my hands was dry, cracked and bleeding.  I believed I could figure out how to put a cream together that would help.  One day in my kitchen I mixed a bunch of ingredients I bought at the grocery store—essential oils, sea salt, and a couple of other organic products. It worked really well.  I wanted to make gifts for the holidays, so I asked my younger sister for a loan to buy more ingredients. I called the stuff Mommy's Magic.  My older sister, who worked at a salon, asked for ten jars, which she sold for $25 each.; soon there was a waiting list of clients who wanted it.” 


The Beauty Makers

By Valerie Monroe and Jolene Edgar

Interview with Rosie Herman

O The Oprah Magazine

September 2004

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