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The Technology

Breakthrough concept, design and configuration:
Spongeables ®, LLC is a pioneer, innovator and leader in the field of infusion technology. By developing a system that accommodates an unlimited range of ingredients, and a carrier matrix capable of holding and releasing them in precise quantities, Spongeables ®, LLC introduced a unique new bath product that combines cleansing with skin care and skin rejuvenation, while also offering such practical benefits as a guaranteed number of uses and a luxurious mix of ingredients with every use.  Proprietary infusion innovation goes far Beyond Cleansing™ in the personal care market

Reinventing the wheel
Spongelle ®  Bodywash Infused Buffers are an innovative and unique new product category. Using a blend of high-quality moisturizers, botanicals, sea minerals, anti-oxidant and anti-aging ingredients, the Spongelle formula provides the same benefits as those of traditionally packaged skin care, in a more practical, simple and effective usage dynamic.
This technology is transforming how consumers view the everyday cleansing process.  Instead of starting the day a utilitarian three minute wash, they can anticipate a few moments of luxury, a brisk running head start, or an essential step in skin protection and rejuvenation…without any additional time, products, effort or expense.

The Botanical Revolution
The flexibility of our infusion process facilitated the creation of products with unique formulas for the entire body and for personal taste. . These include rich olive oil, macadamia nut oil and shea butter, collagen, sea kelp, sunscreens, detoxifying agents, healthy botanicals and skin softeners.
All ingredients are procured from natural sources whenever possible, so our antioxidants come from natural lemongrass, not chemicals; our antioxidants are derived from other fruit extracts and botanicals. The Bodywash Infused Buffers form a unique delivery system that provides a specific number of uses for each product, and a precise mix of ingredients with every use.

Fast Forwarding…
Taken beyond cleansing and skin care, Spongeables LLC is looking to the future for new applications for its innovative infusion process.
The technology shows no limits in terms of practical applications in many different product categories, from cosmetics to home cleaners.
The company welcomes opportunities to explore new ways for infusion technology to revitalize and reinvent existing products and product categories.

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