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Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch


While most people do not consume enough alcohol to think they have regular ‘hangovers’, few will argue that there are those mornings when you wished you had stopped before consuming that last glass of wine or beer the night before. So if you or anybody you know fits into this category or worse, then Bytox is for you….and trust me your friends and customers will love you for introducing them to it!

The Bytox™ Hangover Prevention Patch contains a generous dose of Vitamin B complex in addition to many other nutrients, which are essential in helping your brain and body function on a day-to-day basis. Bytox is safe, natural and effective.

The Bytox formula replenishes what is lost in the process of alcohol consumption.  When you consume alcohol, the vitamin B Complex and many other vital nutrients are rapidly depleted from the body from the diuretic effect of alcohol. The loss of these nutrients adversely effects the central nervous system, which creates the condition we all know as “the hangover.” Bytox™ rapidly and continuously replenishes these nutrients before they are lost, thus restoring the body’s natural balance. 

Apply One Bytox™ Hangover Prevention Patch 45 minutes before consuming alcohol and leave on for 8 hours.  The patch does not contain stimulants and will not keep you awake.



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