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Spongelle Anti-cellulite Body Buffer

Spongelle Anti-cellulite Body Buffer

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A new body buffer from Spongelle transforms every shower into a convenient way to treat and prevent cellulite. The dual-textured buffer ib infused with clinically proven ingredients that minimize and improve the appearance of "orange peel" dimpling everywhere on the body. A powerful and natural matrix of the latest and most effective cellulite fighters includes patented, clinically-proven Multi-Sal Muscle Toner, designed to reduce resistant surface body fat by speeding up fat cell metabolism and forcing bloated cells to release trappes fat into the bolldstream, where it is burned as energy. Rhodofiltrat Sea Extract removes toxins and prevents swelling, both of which are responsible in part for adipocyte differentiation, the "quilted" look typical of cellulite. Natural Sphacelaria Scoparia inhibits fat cell production. A unique botanically-derived microsperedelivery system within the Micro Sal Muscle Toner enables the highloading of functional ingredients contained inside. These ingredients are encapsulated in subcron spheres, of which are partitioned into the fat cells beneath the skin. The submicron spheres gradually dissolve and release their payload of ingredients at a point in the skin matrix where they can work most effictively, accelerating fat burning and visibly reducing the appearance of cellulite.

This sponge will last 25+ uses.

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